What is E S T



Here’s a brief summary
EST was created in the heart of Michigan, by the mind of Joshua Allen (J. Pesoes at the time).  Joshua began the idea of EST strictly as a clothing line just for his close knit group of friends.  It was meant to represent “Established” and that’s where the dream began. Shortly after Joshua printed up his first designs, it became a small inner grouping success.  Close friend of Joshua Allen, Tyler Moncrief, seen the potential within the name and started thinking. He thought A LOT and did a lot of brainstorming with this group of friends. Days later Damarkis drew up logo version 1.0 in Microsoft Paint, and Tyler then reconstructed the design in Photoshop and thus the collective EST was created.
That sums up who we are, the story is actually bigger than that, but we’ll leave that a secret for right now….

This collective houses 7 contributing members.
Damarkis “DJ” Carroll
OJ “The King” Walker
Billy “Zook” Ware
James “J-Will” Williams
Joshua Allen
Tyler Moncrief
Shar’ne Ruth
And Michael Pruitt as his own entity contributes to the group as well as an engineer

The EST collective is very extended, with affiliates in many different states. We are a production house. We make our own music, product, events and business ventures and we all house it under one roof.

This is what happened when
v e r y b o d y  t a r t e d  r y i n g